Ultra Dog Product Range

Ultra Dog is a well-established, tried and trusted, locally produced veterinary diet that is made for South African dogs and produced by RCL FOODS®, the biggest pet food manufacturer in South Africa.

With a new team of highly skilled experts and leaders in dog food technology, underpinned by our investment in a brand-new dog food manufacturing plant based in Gauteng, only the highest quality is guaranteed.

Our in-house nutritionist offers expert advice and ongoing nutritional support, which is complemented by our resident vet who ensures that the products meet and exceed the expectations of the South African veterinary industry and fulfills the dietary requirements of our furry friends.


This range has been scientifically redeveloped to deliver the appropriate levels of protein, fat and calories to help dogs maintain their optimal body condition.

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Your dog’s overall well-being begins with a food that contains an ideal blend of high-quality ingredients including fresh meat for enhanced palatability and a better source of protein.

Ultra Dog Superwoof contains all the necessary nutrients so that no supplementation is required. This digestible formulation helps to promote a strong immune system, healthy skin and a lustrous coat, helping your dog to maintain an ideal body condition.

Developed by an animal nutritionist and veterinarian, Ultra Dog Superwoof ensures your dogs’ health and vitality.

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Premium Recipe

Undoubtedly our best recipe to date, and it’s completely maize-free. Scientifically developed by a veterinarian and animal nutritionist to give your dog our best levels of protein from high-quality, fresh poultry meal.

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Special Diet

These products offer the perfect nutritional balance for dogs that are overweight, suffer from food allergies or have issues with their joints and bones.

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