Special Diet Cat Food

Cat Food for Special Dietary Needs

Just like humans, some cats have special dietary requirements. Some have stomach issues, others have food allergies, and some cats need to lose weight for the sake of their health. Knowing this, we’ve developed our Special Diet cat food range to make healthy cat food more affordable and more accessible. Our team of in-house animal nutritionists ensures that your fur baby’s unique needs are addressed through a range of ultra-special products. Choose from our Grain-Free, Metabo-Lite, and Gastric-Liquid Care options, and help your pet live their best life!

Special Diet Reviews

  • “My Siamese boy has skin allergies and a very sensitive stomach. Since switching over his skin has started clearing up and he no longer purges after eating.” – Anje
  • “Loki, big cat, is looking svelte after only one week on Metabo-lite.”  – Jacqui Grundling
  • “My cats are doing so well on this food. I’m really pleased that I’ve found something that is a lot more affordable and that my fussy cats really enjoy.”  – Gareth
  • “My cat really enjoys this brand. I am looking forward to see the long term changes in his weight, as I have been struggling to keep him at a healthy weight for a long time.”   – Duveen B.

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