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Dry Cat Food Products – The Optimal Balance Range

Your cat’s overall well-being begins with dry food that contains the optimal balance of high-quality ingredients, including fresh meat as a better, healthier protein source.
For complete nutrition, Optimal Balance Ultra Cat food is the ultimate investment in your pet’s health. Many cat food brands may claim their food is nutritionally well-rounded, but when you buy any of our products from this range, you can be certain that each product really is scientifically formulated alongside in-house experts.
Browse our Optimal Balance cat food range to find the right product for your feline friend. We offer this specialised food for kittens, adults, and seniors. Every product in this range is available in 2kg, 4kg, and 10kg cat food packages.

Optimal Balance Reviews:

  • “Truly a quality product, and my cat enjoys it too. Love that’s it’s a South African brand.” – Bronwyn Matthee
  • “All three my babies loved this the first time I gave it to them to try.” – Leila
  • “Very impressed. Thank you for the cat food received today I am so glad I brought it my cats LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!” – Sanet H.
  • “Love!! Kitty loves this food and speeds as soon as he hears the pellets hit the bowl!” – Ashley
  • “My 3 cats are on Ultra Cat now for about 6 weeks, and first time in years they are not throwing up! Great food, my cats are happy and healthy.” – Tanja
  • “My babies love this brand. Seems it has all the flavour and nutrients they need. Happy days.” – Siraj Fredericks

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