It’s a Gut Feeling

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It’s a Gut Feeling

Ultra Pet’s got them covered, from snout to tail!

Introducing a new product in our prescription diet range, Gastric Liquid Care, Liquid Recovery Porridge.

Made for both dogs and cats, in all shapes, sizes and ages, this formula is designed to give your pet the boost they need when sick or recovering from surgery.

Happy gut, happy mutt (and kitty)!

The gut plays several important roles which enable the body to function normally, but perhaps most importantly, the gut digests food and absorbs nutrients. If the gut isn’t functioning properly, pets can become depleted of key nutrients.

What is Gastric Liquid Care?

When our pets become nutrient deficient, Gastric Liquid Care assists in fast recovery. The porridge contains optimum levels of fats and proteins which are essential for restoring your pet back to their tail wagging, purrfect health.

The porridge-like consistency assists in easier feeding and absorption during the recovery stage. The best part, it’s nutritious and undeniably delicious!

When to use Gastric Liquid Care:

  • If your pet is suffering from severe Gastrointestinal symptoms and becomes depleted of key nutrients.
  • Post-surgery when your pet requires quick nutritional rehabilitation. Requiring enteral feeding.
  • If your pet is battling to eat dry kibbles, especially post-surgery, the soft texture and pet-approved taste entices them to eat.
  • In the weaning process as a good introduction to solid foods for puppies and kittens.

What are the benefits of this new product?


The right balance of fats and proteins that assists pets who have been depleted from key nutrients.


Included prebiotics that create an environment for microflora to flourish.


Added Omega-3 to help strengthen the immune system.

If your furry friend isn’t looking bright eyed and bushy tailed, needs additional nutritional support, recovering or post-surgery, speak to your vet about Ultra Pet Gastric Liquid Care.