Toys and Accessories for Senior Dogs

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Old dogs still love new toys

Just because your dog is getting on in years, it doesn’t mean that he or she is too old to have fun and enjoy playing with toys. In fact, older dogs love toys just as much as younger ones do, and need toys to stay fit physically and mentally.

Chew toys

If your senior dog still likes to chew, consider a bone-shaped or ring-shaped chew toy. Make sure it isn’t too hard, and avoid bones, hooves and pigs’ ears.

Plush toys

It’s hard to find a dog that doesn’t like a soft toy. If your dog prefers to rip it apart and take out the stuffing, gut it before playtime, so that your dog doesn’t eat the stuffing and remove any hard objects that may become loose during playtime.

Chase toys

Balls and frisbees are old favourites for chasing, and good for exercise. Try to avoid small balls, like squash balls or bouncy balls, as they can get lodged in your dog’s throat.

Interactive toys

These are great for keeping your dog entertained while you’re out. They’re designed to hold treats or food and spill them gradually, which helps to keep your dog busy for hours.

Tug toys

Rope and canvas toys are great for tugging, as are balls on ropes, unless your dog has neck or back problems.

Where to get them

You can find a wide range of dog toys at vets and veterinary outlets.  Locate your nearest outlet here.