Feeding Fussy Dogs

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Note: Please note that the following advice is for owners of dogs that regularly refuse food, but have no underlying health problems. If your dog has suddenly lost his/her appetite, it is always best to consult a vet.

Dogs can be fussy eaters too, so we’ve put together some simple things you can do to get your dog to eat.

Don’t reward bad behaviour

Dog owners have a tendency to encourage a dog that, for some reason, is refusing to eat – maybe he/she is just not hungry. The owners do this by offering tasty new foods and treats, and even feeding by hand. By doing so, the dog learns that when he/she refuses to eat, the treats and special attention will follow.

Break the cycle

You need to break the association between refusing food and getting a treat.

  1. Set strict feeding times.
  2. Remove the bowl after 20 minutes, even if nothing has been eaten. Dogs can go quite a long time without food, so be patient and try again later.
  3. Repeat the process at every meal.
  4. Do not offer any treats between meals.