Kitten proofing your home

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Congratulations on your kitten!!

This is an exciting time. Kittens are curious and mischievous creatures.  They will discover everything, therefore it is very important that you have an environment where your kitten can explore, while they are still safe.

Find below a guide on how to kitten proof your home:

  1. Look around your house. Do you identify any dangerous places? High shelves? Low cupboards? Do you have any fragile items on shelves that your kitten can break? Can she get trapped in drawers or cupboards
  2. Remove any plants that may be poisonous to your kitten.
  3. Use animal-safe insect repellent. Commercial cockroach and ant poison will kill cats if ingested.
  4. Store away all cleaning supplies and detergents.
  5. Put small object eg hair bands and jewelry out of reach.
  6. Always keep the door to your clothes dryer closed,and double-check inside before using it. Cats like to find dark, warm places to sleep, and the results could be tragic.
  7. Make the pool safe with a cover or net.
  8. Make sure your dustbins are properly shut and secure.
  9. All countertops need to be free of clutter.
  10. Keep the toilet lid closed
  11. If it’s dangling, it’s a cat toy. The most potentially hazardous household “danglers” are electrical cords and drawcords on window coverings. You want to prevent your kitten from chewing electrical cords by any means possible, and drawcords on drapes, curtains, or blinds can present both a choking and hanging hazard.

By following the easy steps above you will be able to keep your kitten safe and out of harms way.