Taking care of your dog when you’re away

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Sooner or later you may have to travel and leave your dog at home. When you do, you need to make sure that your dog is taken care of and loved just as much as when you’re together.

You have a few choices:

Live-in pet sitter

This is the ideal scenario, where a trusted friend or professional stays in your home while you’re away to care for your home and your pets.

A part-time pet sitter

This is where a trusted friend or professional visits your home once or twice a day to check on, feed and look after your pets.

A pet host

A pet host will take your dog into his or her home while you’re gone and care for your pet while you’re away.

A boarding kennel

A reputable boarding kennel or pet hotel will care for your dog in the company of others for the duration of your trip.

Boarding at your vet

Your vet may offer you the choice of boarding at the facility. This is a good idea for frail, elderly or sick animals, because they can get all the medical care and attention they need from a trusted vet.

 Tips on leaving your dog in the care of others

  1. Introduce your dog to the sitter or kennels, so that he/she feels safe with them and accepts their care.
  2. Make sure that whoever you’re leaving your dog with knows your rules, exercise schedule and feeding routine.
  3. Choose a reputable sitter or kennels. The best way is word-of-mouth – ask around and see what other people have experienced.
  4. Leave a checklist for your sitter or kennels, including emergency numbers, medication, behavioural problems, treats, etc.

Where to find a pet sitter

Ask your friends and vet for suggestions, or check out these online service providers.

How to find a boarding kennel

Boarding kennels range from upmarket pet hotels to more traditional kennels. Ask your friends and vet for suggestions, or have a look at this online directory.