Feeding Adult Dogs (1 – 8 yrs)

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Sterilised dogs

  • Sterilising alters a dog’s hormonal balance dramatically, which in turn affects the metabolic rate, amongst other things.
  • Bitches, in particular, (but also some males) tend to have reduced metabolic rates, which means they need less calories from their diet.
  • Often, if they continue to receive the same amount of food, neutered dogs will begin to gain weight.

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Active and working dogs

  • Dogs that are actively exercised for several hours a day will naturally burn a huge amount of calories, and their diet needs to provide for this.
  • Ultra Dog Superwoof Active and Working Dogs is scientifically developed for the needs of active and working dogs. It contains added protein that aids your dog’s physical muscle tone, assisting your dog to perform during intense physical activity. It ensures steady energy during long-lasting activity and assists in muscle and body recovery after exercise.

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Small breeds

  • Small and toy breed dogs tend to have higher metabolic rates than their larger cousins. This means that they benefit from higher energy foods.
  • Ultra Dog has a range of small breed products that are scientifically designed to meet the nutritional needs of your pet.

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Large breeds

  • Unlike smaller dogs, large and giant breeds mature later, often not reaching their full size until 15-18 months of age. They reach old age much quicker, with the average lifespan of many giant breeds being only 6 or 7 years.
  • Because of their rapid ageing process, and because of the weight they carry, special attention must be paid to the joints of larger dogs.
  • Ultra Dog for large breeds have added supplements to help support the joints, such as chondroitin and glucosamine.

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Senior dogs (8 years+)

  • Ultra Dog’s senior diets include supplements to help with the common health problems affecting older dogs. Joint problems, for example, are common in older dogs, so we include joint-aid supplements such as fish oils, chondroitin and glucosamine.

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